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Grand Strategy, Misreadings, Bad Actions

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For over ten years, dating farther back to the fall of the Shah, I have watched as the Americans have changed their attitude toward me and Iraq. In 1978, I was evil because of my Russian arms connections. Then, the Shah was out, the Ayatollah was in, the 1980 hostage crisis, Iran attacked me, and, pool, all of a sudden I was a friend. Truly the two-faced Americans see that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I started to get assistance, information, and overtures throughout the early 80s directly from the U.S. and via Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. ISRAELI NUC STRIKE As I worked to develop Arab A-bomb, Israelis struck my nuc plant in 1982. We were doing so well. U.S. was low key on the attack by Israel. They made it sound even like we were right and Israel was wrong. STRATEGIC DECEPTION The mid-80s. We were having a tanker war stalemate with Iran. Big losses on battlefield. I used chemicals. I even tried it on Kurds. U.S. gasps but says little else. They hit me for human rights violations--gentle taps. Nudges for show. But then gave me grain credits. More food, so I can concentrate more on my crowning glory, my military--the Iran war, arms buildup, and consolidation in my country. Always they seemed to look the other way. Say one thing and do another. The U.S. actions speak loudly in my favor. You think I exaggerate My contacts told me to take a look in National War Colleges syllabus book for its senior officers Strategic Atlas, by Gerard Chaliand and Jean-Pierre Rageau 1985. In map on Saudi Arabia Security Perceptions, p. 124, I am a good guy. I am shown in green, Friendly Arab States, just like Egypt, Oman. 5000 Russians in my country assisting. Lots of Badgers, Blinders, MIGs, Russian equipment and tanks. The map makes no hint of a difference between me and other green Arabs. Iran, Libya, Russia and puppets are bad guys. They didnt even make me a special case. I was and I am. Now that, Carl, is strategic deception.

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