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Anwar El Sadat, A Statesman for Peace

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It was peasant roots, perhaps, and an early kinship to the land and its lure of autonomy, that crystallized Anwar el Sadats vision of an independent Egypt, existing peacefully alongside her Arab and Israeli neighbors. Sadat firmly held this vision of a sovereign Egypt as he planned, step-by-step, to break the diplomatic logjam in the contentious Arab-Israeli relationship. It was this vision that gave birth to the fortitude, courage, and hope of a generation of men and women, who to this day continue to seek peace for the Middle East. This paper is an attempt to present the Egyptian Presidents strategy, or road map, used to realize his goals. It will highlight Sadats analysis of the domestic and international environments, and demonstrate how he handled the many constraints, threats, and opportunities he saw before him. The paper will consider Sadats priorities and objectives, and illustrate his supreme mastery of policy instruments. In all, it will show how he used available means to achieve his most vital end. The paper will show the splendid statecraft of Anwar el Sadat, one which continues to serve the Middle East well, long after his death. To begin, Sadat saw Egypts national interest to be its liberation from foreign imperialism and devastating economic woes. To achieve this, Egypt would have to forge a lasting peace with Israel, re-gain control of the Suez Canal, extract itself from Soviet influence, and revamp its economic policies to attract the West. The vast resources funneled to the military, and the singular Egyptian focus on Israel as the enemy, could then be turned toward productive economic endeavors. Ultimately, Egypt would secure its rightful place in a unified Arab world, with Anwar el Sadat as its unchallenged leader.

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