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The Army Air Forces in World War II. Volume 7. Services Around the World

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This monograph is Volume 7 of a 7-volume history entitled The Army Air Forces in World War II. The first five volumes told the story of combat operations in the several theaters the sixth described the means by which men were recruited and trained and machines were provided to insure victory in those operations. The present volume deals with certain services which were common to the whole of the Army Air Forces. In part, these were the non-Air Corps organizations which in the Army Air Forces AAF were subsumed under the ambiguous designation of Arms and Services, but the Table of Contents will show both additions and deletions from that AGO listing. There is, inevitably, some repetition, for the services herein described were so inextricably a part of air combat that they have received due attention in the account of each air campaign. There, however, the focus was on the activities of the tactical units comprising the theater air force here it is upon the services as each in its unique way contributed to the fulfillment of the AAF mission. Section I contains chapters on Air Transport, including the Air Transport Command, Airway to the Middle East, North Africa and the Mediterranean, the North Atlantic Route, Airline to China, the Northwest Air Route to Alaska, Across the Pacific, and Traffic Homeward Bound. Section II contains chapters on Aviation Engineers in Africa and Europe and Aviation Engineers in the War with Japan. Section III contains chapters on the AAF Weather Service and the Army Airways Communication System. Section IV contains chapters on the Medical Service of the AAF, Morale, and Air-Sea Rescue. Section V focuses on Women in the AAF, and Section VI examines Redeployment and Mobilization.

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