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Real-time Cooperative Behavior for Tactical Mobile Robot Teams

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Our technical approach to achieving intelligent tactical behaviors for TMR robots is described in this section. We have specific technical approaches in three research areas Fault-tolerant multi-robot behaviors, Mission specification and user interface, and Real time resource management. Originally, communication minimization was also a research topic, but was deleted early in the program at government request. We envision that the nature of military operations in urban terrain MOUT can fundamentally change by empowering the personnel in these units with multiple mobile robot assets that extend their ability to perceive and act within the battlefield without increasing their exposure. It is insufficient merely to deploy these assets they must be controlled and configured in a meaningful way by average soldiers. This is no mean feat, but if this vision is realized it can provide significant force multiplication capabilities and extended reach within the battlespace force projection. This must be accompanied by feedback and control methods that do not overload the operator of the system and yet can provide uniform control of multiple advanced robotic systems while simultaneously increasing the units overall situational awareness. The impact of this system will be manifested in several ways Reactive behavioral configurations for robot teams that support fault-tolerant operations typically found in the battlefield, to increase immunity against electronic countermeasures and individual agent failure. Team tele-autonomy providing command and control capabilities for entire groups or subgroups of battlefield robots without producing cognitive overload on the operator. The ability of a military operator to expand his influence in the battlespace, dynamically controlling in real-time his deployed robotic team assets in a context-sensitive manner.

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  • Cybernetics
  • Human Factors Engineering and Man Machine Systems
  • Military Operations, Strategy and Tactics

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