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Pulse Compression Made Easy With VSIPL++

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The recent introduction of several template based strategies suggests that C may soon become a suitable choice for technical and scientific computing applications. For certain cases, e.g., matrix multiplications inline function calls and template code outperforms straight C code. These similar technologies all share a common set of effective strategies that may be summarized as follows 1 Avoid excessive temporary copies of objects 2 Make shallow copies instead of deep cloning 3 Pass data by constant reference instead of by value 4 Use compile time or static polymorphism, such as templates 5 Deferred evaluation 6 Template metaprogramming strategies 7 Inline function calls 8 Loop fusion and loop unrolling. The authors acquired PETE, the Portable Expression Template Engine, and compiled several examples for the Mercury MCOE 6.0 platform using a 171MHz SPARC machine. The authors also studied the tradeoffs between runtime performance and significant compile time penalties. Veraris advanced VSIPL package design and prototype implementation strategy is not unlike the architecture of the VSIPL reference implementation, which is built as a C layer on top of a C VSIPL library. That particular configuration readily appeals to all current vendors of VSIPL compliant middleware who would like to quickly enter the market with a VSIPL offering. This layered software architectural approach enables high performance, portability, high productivity, and low time to market for commercial vendors of VSIPL standard libraries. Future directions include incorporating the following strategies that will facilitate commercialization of the VSIPL standard 1 Generic programming for higher productivity. 2 Expression manipulation, as well as 3 Deferred evaluation for higher performance.

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