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Analysis of Scramjet with MHD Bypass

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The propositions to use the MHD systems to control flow in a scramjet channel were put forward in development of the M AJAX concept. The paper 1, in which the basic principles for the MHD control in a scramjet were described for the first time in detail, was published in 1998. The main emphasis in the paper was put on analyzing the scramjet scheme with the control system composed of the MHD generator located upstream of the combustion chamber and the MHD accelerator located downstream of the combustion chamber, see the Fig. 1. The Magneto Plasma Chemical Engine title was used in the paper for designation of the engine. At present the title Scramjet with MHD bypass is frequently used for the engine designation. Perhaps the title is more obvious met to the scheme. It was shown in the paper 1 that the MHD bypass in a scramjet allows one to increase the scramjet specific impulse. In addition the functional relation which determines requirements for the engine subsystems, at which the MHD bypass leads to increasing the scramjet specific impulse, is obtained in the paper 1. In the subsequent papers 2-5 the propulsion was analyzed in more complicated physical model taking into account the problems of creation of nonequilibrium conductivity of flow in the MHD generator channel. In the papers the requirements for parameters of the magnetic system, the ionizer, the MHD generator and the scramjet, at which the MHD bypass increases the scramjet specific impulse, are formulated. Despite of the considerable progress in investigation of the propulsion the results obtained in 1.5 dont establish clearly the reason which is responsible for increase the scramjet specific impulse due to the MHD control. Probably the not full clarity of results obtained in the papers 1-5 is caused in the first place by the non-traditional approach 6, which is very useful for the system analysis but does not give the clearness of the results obtained, was used for the MHD systems7

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  • Plasma Physics and Magnetohydrodynamics
  • Jet and Gas Turbine Engines

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