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Ubiquitous Power; Opportunities and Benefits of the Photo-Voltaic Power Converter for the Individual Fighter

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Master's thesis

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The success of every military throughout history has been its ability to move, shoot, and communicate, all of which require power. In the modern era, technology has afforded soldiers with equipment that greatly enhances maneuverability through state-of-the-art communications equipment. Such equipment creates significant power needs that are currently met through the use of expensive and heavy-to-carry disposable and rechargeable batteries. The limitation for improved complex communications, as well as weapon systems, is the ability to power such systems. The problem with alternative power sources has been the inefficiency, unreliability, and inconvenience of such systems. This project provides an analysis of a new ubiquitous power source Photo-Voltaic Power Converter and the opportunities it affords to individual soldiers in meeting existing power requirements. This paper calculates the savings and reports on critical user needs of the individual war fighter. The first group of equipment that is used to determine an individual soldiers power requirements includes night vision goggles, infrared aiming lights, and global positioning devices BA-3058 battery. The second piece of equipment common to the soldier is the tactical light, which requires a BA-5123 battery. The next type of equipment common among platoon leaders, platoon sergeants, and automatic rifleman are thermal sights, which require the BA-5347 battery. The BA-5590 family of batteries are the go-to power source for radios and other equipment, such as the ANPRC-119A, D, and F ANPSC-5 ANPRC-117FC-HQ Joint Tactical Radio System JTRS ANPRC-150 M22 Chemical Agent Detector and Alarm ANPEQ-1 SOF Laser Marker SOFLAM and Ground Laser Target Designator GLTD II. The final section of the paper provides user feedback from soldiers on the PVPCs functionality, usability, look and feel, durability, compatibility, and performance.

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  • Astrophysics
  • Electric Power Production and Distribution
  • Electrochemical Energy Storage

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