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The System Knowledge Office: A Transformation Enabler: Response to the Chairman's Challenge

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Revolutionary leaps in battlespace capabilities are the direct result of successful military transformation. By definition, transformation requires mobilizing skills, people, programs, funding and policies. The four major elements that form the foundation of a successful transformation of any large organization are intellectual, cultural, technical and leadership. The Department of Defense DoD, like most large complex organizations, struggles to embrace transformation. Disruptive weapon systems are the principal determinants for transformation. A disruptive weapon system is the synergistic integration of disruptive technologies with new operational concepts, doctrine, organizational structure, personnel policies, education and training. The fielding of these weapon systems shatter the national security community status quo and transform the art of war. Therefore, the transformation required to field disruptive systems faster, cheaper, and better is a critical element in the overall transformation of our national St security forces for the 21st century. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff CJCS challenged the National Defense University to propose innovative solutions to a problem or impediment to adaptingtransforming Americas armed forces to meet the security demands of the 2 1 century. For two warriors who have fought the intellectual battles to field revolutionary capabilities, this was a welcome opportunity to identify problems inherent in the current DoD process for fielding disruptive weapon systems and recommend a new way forward. This paper starts with a brief background section. With the context defined, we transition into the core of the proposal by discussing the strategic challenges to transforming the processes which pull a disruptive weapon system out of science and technology through research and development into the system development process.

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