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Operator Functional State Assessment (L'evaluation de l'aptitude operationnelle de l'operateur humain)

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The human operator is a crucial component of complex modern systems. The complexity of these systems, the rapid tempo of contemporary military operations and reduced staffing all contribute to the high cognitive demands experienced by military personnel. The rate of intonation flow, the number of decisions, and actions that must be carried out can exceed the cognitive capacity of the operator. This can result in disastrous consequences. Other system components are continuously scrutinized so that problems can be identified and rectified. The functional state of the human operator is not monitored and remediation is not implemented. Proper assessment of the functional state of the operator and appropriate intervention will result in improved mission effectiveness. The goal of this report is to assemble the pertinent intonation concerning the factors that produce suboptimal performance in human operators. Numerous methods are available to detect the presence of these factors. This report provides a comprehensive survey of the risk factors that impact human performance and the assessment methods for measuring these effects. The risk factors include environmental features such as noise, acceleration and thermal stress. States within the individual operator can interfere with optimal performance and include illness, sleep loss and disruption of circadian rhythms. Task characteristics include the cognitive and physical demands of the task. Theoretical concerns are presented as a framework for the risk factors that reduce the functioning of human operators. Methods tar detecting impaired operator functional state are presented and include physiological, performance, and subjective assessment procedures. The rationale for each measure is presented along with the technological required to make the measurements.

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  • Psychology
  • Stress Physiology
  • Human Factors Engineering and Man Machine Systems

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