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Is There Space for the Objective Force?

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The Army has launched itself on a daring trajectory toward the Objective Force. It will transform the Army forces into a more lethal and devastating force through the combination of precision weapons and knowledge-based warfare. Army forces will survive through information dominance, provided by a torrent of ones and zeros sent from remote sensors and processed by on board computers. As the Army builds the Objective Force it will attempt to link systems from mud to space in order to create a synergistic effect between the warrior and the information sphere. Information will empower the Armys Objective Forces. Space-based systems will be foundational building blocks for the Objective Force to achieve information dominance and satellite communications will enable knowledge based battle command on the move. Thus, the ability to link space-based capabilities to warfighting units in a timely and relevant manner is critical to Objective Force success. Army transformation plans for space to lift a heavy load for the Objective Force by using space capabilities to provide intelligence, navigation, warning and more. Nowhere is the Objective Force success more dependent, than on its ability to network together enabling information for dominant situational knowledge. This paper will address Army satellite communications needs to determine if current and future space communications can provide the capabilities the Objective Force requires to succeed. The answer requires analysis of several major areas where space communications impact Objective Force capabilities. First, why does the Objective Force need space to provide the seamless communications required for information dominance across a distributed battlefield Second, what exists to provide the Objective Force information from ground and space-based sensors for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance ISR as well as the warning required by the Objective Force to enable the force to see first.

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  • Information Science
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