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United States Air Force Job Inventory: Computer, Network, Switching and Cryptographic Systems. AFSC 2E2X1

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Job survey

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This publication contains an occupational survey of the Computer, Network, Switching, and Cryptographic Systems career ladder that was developed by the Occupational Analysis Program, Air Force Occupational Measurement Squadron. The survey will be administered to Air Force personnel to provide current job and task data for routine updating of the occupational survey database. The survey asks subjects the base and MAJCOM agency to which they are assigned, followed by 26 questions that reveal information about the subjects satisfaction with the job, whether or not the job utilizes his or her talents and training, the subjects plans for reenlistment, factors that influenced the decision to reenlist or separate from service, the number of deployments the subject completed in the previous 12 months, the amount of time the subject spent on temporary duty in the previous 12 months, the subjects normal work schedule, the job title that best describes the subjects present job, the work area that best describes where the subject spends most of his or her time in the present job, the maintenance level to which the subject is presently assigned, the AFSC the subject held immediately prior to the conversion to AFSC 2E2X1 in October 2000, and the career-related courses the subject has completed. The survey also asks whether the subject uses or maintains the following systemsitems air defense and warning systems, strategic communications configuration items, tactical or mobile systems, Air Force Satellite Control Network items, computer operating systems, computer system processors, computer system peripherals, test equipment, cryptographic equipment, and any ancillary equipment. The remainder of the inventory contains 25 job activity categories and the specific tasks that constitute those categories.

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  • Personnel Management and Labor Relations
  • Military Forces and Organizations
  • Computer Programming and Software
  • Computer Hardware
  • Computer Systems

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