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Workforce Assessment of Information Technology Sailors

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This report describes the results of the first application of the SkillsNET process to the Navys military information technology IT workforce. The authors define this workforce as Sailors who facilitate or protect others use of information and telecommunications systems, and help other personnel use hardware and software for strategic, tactical, and nontactical systems. This workforce is made up of the following five jobs Information Systems Administration Communications Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Information Systems Security and Management and Supervision. A minimum of eight Sailors per job described their job tasks and panels of subject matter experts SMEs linked each task to skills and abilities. New panels of SMEs then grouped the tasks into clusters and identified the tools and knowledge needed for each task cluster. Finally, a Web-based, Navy-wide survey of officers and enlisted Sailors who perform IT functions provided data about the mission criticality of each task. The SkillsNET method identified 200 more tasks than the Occupational Standards for the IT area. This is significant because the standards are a primary basis for developing training content and advancement exams. The authors found that A-Schools do not cover many mission-critical tasks, and there was a significant overlap in the tasks performed by Sailors in three separate ratings, which implies a need for consolidating training. Also, the work performed did not always reflect the competencies for which a reenlistment bonus was paid. Sailors who did network administration but did not receive a bonus were more likely than the bonus recipients to plan to leave the Navy. Finally, advancement exams often failed to cover the critical tasks. The study recommends enhancing the Occupational Standards with a more comprehensive process that captures the competencies and identifies the mission criticality of these tasks. 6 tables, 11 figures, 7 refs.

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