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United States - Cuba Policy: Strategic Framework for Re-emergent Relations

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After 44 years, Fidel Castro continues to defiantly run his Socialist-Marxist government under the nose of the worlds hegemon. He does so in spite of powerful economic and political pressures that have severely impacted his nations way of life and political status. From Eisenhower to the current Bush Administration, American Presidents have seemingly failed to successfully employ the four instruments of power to effect a regime change at the same time, the Cuban dictator adroitly thwarted American gestures with his own set of military and diplomatic countermeasures. The Bush Administration maintains its staunch position that positive relations will not occur until Castro frees his political prisoners, holds democratic, free elections, and allows free speech. Inversely, the administration, at the behest of new actors in the Cuban policy arena, allowed increased cash trade and remittances that help Castro feed his nation and limit domestic pressures. Typically, United States foreign policy can be viewed as objective-based and developed to further national interests. During the Cold War, the policy and objectives were clear defeat Soviet-led Communist aggression. Since the Cold War ended years ago, the question must now be asked Does the United States current Cuban picture truly strive for re-emergent relations As important, does it offer the right carrots to entice Castros assent while at the same time developing the right strategy to deal with his successors Presuming it does, will Castro or his successors finally see the light or will they just find another way to stymie American advances This paper will assess United States- Cuba policy to determine its congruency with national strategy. Based on that foundation, this paper will also examine Cubas strategic value and discuss challenges that strategists face as they push for positive relations and plan for government

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