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Promotion of Democracy

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The United States has had a stated goal of promoting democracy abroad for over one hundred years. We have stated this goal in our National Security Strategy, but our actions have not always demonstrated this goal. This paper will define democracy and review recent administrations ideology and national security strategies in respect to the promotion of democracy. Each administration has its own strategy that is based on their ideological viewpoint. Every administration has subverted its stated ideology when faced with a Great Evil that threatens our security or national interests. This subversion of our stated goal causes confusion and distrust of our intentions around the world. The long term approach of the promotion of democracy would foster a new confidence in the United States and eventually provide a safer and better world community. The current Bush Administration has developed a new approach to the promotion of democracy. This approach is regionally focused and links rewards for a state that is achieving success while providing an example for other states in the region to emulate. The greatest challenge is found in Islamic countries, but could prove to be very helpful in our fight against global terrorism. This paper will examine the question of democracy in Islamic cultures, and make recommendations on protecting our national security and interests without subverting our democratic ideals. The U.S. - Middle East Partnership Initiative is an inclusive program that is focused on the long term objective of fostering democracy in the Middle East. This model could be followed in the future to benefit other countries and establish the foundation needed to curb the appeal of terrorism. The global promotion of democracy is more important today and is the key to the security of the United States and the world.

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