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Creating a Mix of Spooks and Suits: A New Role for Intelligence

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Master's thesis

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The devastating events of 11 September 2001 demonstrated the United States no longer enjoys a sense of invulnerability to attacks on American soil, On 25 November 2002, President Bush signed legislation creating the Department of Homeland Security DHS, The new departments strategic objectives include 1 preventing terrorist attacks within the United States, 2 reducing Americas vulnerability to terrorism, and 3 minimize the damage and recover from the attacks that do occur. Intelligence will play a critical role in preventing future terrorist attacks against Americas homeland. The DHS transition team faces many questions and challenges. A major component of the new DHS requires a dedicated effort to monitoring, analyzing, and utilizing intelligence about domestic threats to national security. This thesis defines, describes, and advocates the role of intelligence in the proposed DHS, The role of intelligence in the new DHS is two-fold 1 a process for the intergovernmental coordination of agencies involved in homeland security, and 2 a tailored, all-source fusion product to support DHS decision-makers, Intelligence has emerged as the one common preventive measure applicable across the homeland security continuum. Defining the role of intelligence in the DHS and creating the means to accomplish this new role for intelligence is no easy task. Once defined, this thesis focuses on how DHS can accomplish this new role for intelligence. Published proposals and ideas in general circulation provide a theoretical baseline of how DHS can accomplish this two-fold approach. In order to uncover the ground truth, data collection incorporated personal insight from experts spanning across federal, state, and local intelligence and law enforcement communities. The thesis concludes with recommendations for how the transition team tasked with creating an information and analysis assessment center within DHS.

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