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Mapping Genetic Modifiers of Mammary Tumor Susceptibility

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Annual summary rept. 1 Jul 2001-1 Jul 2002

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Mutations in APCApc predispose both humans and mice to multiple polyps of the colon and small intestine. Min mice carry a mutation at Apc and are predisposed to developing spontaneous intestinal and mammary tumors. On a C57B16J B6 background, Min mice develop spontaneous mammary tumors at a 5 rate. When injected with ENU ethylnitrosourea, over 80 of B6 Min female mice develop mammary tumors. 129SvJ x B6 Fl mice that carry the Min mutation are resistant to mammary tumor development after ENU treatment. We produced backcross mice in order to map the modifier loci causing resistance in the 129SvJ x B6 mice. Preliminary analysis of SSLP markers spaced every 20-25 cM throughout the genome indicates the possibility of two regions that contain modifiers. One region maps to chromosome 6 near the marker D6Mit36. A congenic line, ROSA26, carrying this region on chromosome 6 from 129 on a B6 background had already been established. ROSA26 mice have a LacZ insertion flanked by 129 DNA in the modifier region on chromosome 6. ROSA26 x B6 Fl Min mice are resistant to mammary tumors following ENU treatment. The ROSA26 mice will be used to study the biological effects of the potential modifier.

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