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Pharmacotherapy in Children: Identifying Knowledge Gaps (Farmacotherapie bij kinderen: Kennislacunes in beeld gebracht)

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This study deals with pharmacotherapeutical issues in pediatrics. The overall impression is that large lacunae exist in research on the pharmacological treatment of children. Most drugs are not studied in a pediatrics population before market introduction, while there are several important differences in drug use and effects between adults and children. Examples -include - Medication efficacy and safety has usually been tested on adults, but effects are unknown with children as subjects. Pediatric clinical trials are subject to many restrictions ethics, practical guidelines - Differences in distribution and elimination of drugs between adults and children, and lack of knowledge about pharmacokinetics and -dynamics - Differences in dose, frequency and route of administration - Differences in compliance and non-compliance - Differences in tracking of side effects and adverse reactions due to medications. The Dutch Health Care Insurance Board abbreviated CVZ for its Dutch name recognizes the need for research on medications in children. It has issued a study, to be conducted by RAND Europe, to prioritize medications for clinical research in children. The need for researching the use of medication by children has several aspects and involves the expertise of different medical professionals. This project focuses on the following questions - To what extent do medical professionals face and recognize problems concerning the use of medication by children - Which concerns exist among these professionals regarding the use of medication by children - How can these concerns be translated into priorities for research - Which Organizational structure is needed to give direction to future research The literature review serves as an inventory to areas of discussion and controversy in the main disease fields of pediatrics.

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