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Fluorescence Image Analysis for Quantification of Active Oxygen Induced by Photochemical Reaction

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This study was performed to confirm that activated leukocytes are concerned with Vascular Shut Down effect VSD in PhotoDynamic Therapy PDT. Hydrogen per- oxide H202, which is a kind of active oxygen that came from monocytes, was made visibility under the confocal laser scanning microscope CLSM, and tried to quantify the amount of its formation from the fluorescent intensity with image analysis. Fluorescence images acquired by CLSM were analyzed, and the fluorescence intensity was ex- pressed as gray level, which is graded from 0 to 255. Only the fluorescence derived from a monocyte added Zinc co- proporphyrin III ZnCP-III just before measurement and with HeNe laser irradiation caused fluorescence distribution move to increase as the time course, while no change of distribution was especially observed in other three conditions only added Zn CP-III, only irradiated with HeNe laser, Non-treated. The result indicates that photochemical reaction occurred due to excitation of photosensitizer, and active oxygen derived from the reaction stimulated monocytes. The activated monocytes, this time for themselves, generated active oxygen and H202 was made visibility by dichlorofluorescin DCFH fluorescence method. In conclusion, we confirmed that activated monocytes by photochemical reaction are concerned with VSD effect.

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