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Investigation of a Possibility of Application of the Under-Critical Microwave Streamer Gas Discharge for Ignition of Fuel in Jet Engines

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Final rept. 1 Jun 2000-30 May 2001

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This report results from a contract tasking Federal State Unitary Firm Moscow Radio-Technical Institute RAS FSUF MRTl RAS as follows The goal of presented project consists in experimental and theoretical investigations of the physics of the initiated undercritical streamer microwave discharge for creation of the principally new system of ignition of the fuel-mixture in the jet engine. Creation of the reliable system of ignition of the fuel-mixture in the jet engine that can ignite the fuel and also insure the second start the engine after its stop during a flight stays nowadays the important problem at supersonic and hypersonic speeds of flight. Experimental and theoretical investigations that are planned to be carried out in the frames of the project will allow to obtain the data about the properties of the this discharge in a gas flow in the supersonic flow as well at different characteristics of the microwave radiation, fuel types and flow parameters. They will also allow to obtain the evaluation of the temperature and to demonstrate the possibility of the ignition of the flammable mixtures with the use of the microwave discharge. The data obtained during the project will allow coming to the preparation of the investigations on the real jet engine. Results of the laboratory experiments and theoretical investigations are of great scientific importance for the development of the fundamental physics of gas discharges. The data obtained during the investigation of the Initiated undercritical streamer microwave discharge in the high-speed flow will allow to develop the principally new system of the ignition of the fuel-mixture in the jet engines. The system of the ignition based on it will realize the volume-type fuel ignition over the whole combustion-chamber cross-section including the case of stoppage of the engine in flight.

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  • Combustion and Ignition
  • Jet and Gas Turbine Engines

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