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Measurements of Sonic Booms Due to ACM Training in the Elgin MOA Subsection of the Nellis Range Complex

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Interim rept. Jan 1987-Apr 1993

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The Elgin MOA is a subsection of the Nellis Range Complex located in southern Nevada. This airspace is regularly used for air combat maneuver ACM training which involves occasional supersonic flight. A sonic boom measurement program was conducted during the period from 25 March through 30 September 1992. The primary purpose of the measurement program was to obtain data suitable for the assessment of the sonic boom noise environment within the Elgin MOA. A secondary purpose of the program was to further refine current sonic boom noise environment prediction models. The sonic boom monitoring program described in this report was similar to the WSMR project in that monitors were distributed throughout the Elgin MOA over a six-month period. However, as in the R-2301E monitoring program, all of the monitors were BEARs. Data were also collected from all Air Combat Maneuver Instrumentation ACMI equipped flights in the Elgin MOA over the measurement period. This report contains a description of the Elgin MOA and the corresponding ACM operations in Section 2. The test plan including monitoring locations, operations data, and ACMI data are described in Section 3. Execution of the measurement program is described in Section 4, and the analysis of the collected data is described in Section 5. Finally, an updated model of the Lcdn contours associated with sonic booms resulting from ACM operations is presented in Section 6.

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  • Aerodynamics
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