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Interactive Nonlinear PDE Simulators

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Final rept. 1 Sep 2000-31 May 2001

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This project was primarily aimed at building a suite of real-time interactive nonlinear pde simulators in order to investigate control, chaos synchronization and message encoding in different classes of semiconductor and fiber laser systems. Kenton White, who is currently employed by Nortel Networks, was the initial recipient of funding. Mr. White made significant progress on understanding the role of multi-longitudinal modes in influencing the chaotic dynamics of semi-conductor lasers under weak external optical feedback andor injection, and how messages could be encoded in a wavelength division multi-flexed format by injection of each message into a separate chaotic laser mode. This-work has been the basis for building a truly interactive simulation environment for the study of complex long scale dynamical behavior of semi-conductor lasers in isolation and as components of a more complex integrated optics system. Two graduate students, Kevin Gross and David Scherer, were supported on a split basis over the past two years, including the one-year extension. Funding under the main contract, enabled us to build an object-oriented simulation environment. Mr. Gross started a project that studies the control of spatiotemporal chaotic behavior in a wide aperture single longitudinal mode semi-conductor laser. Mr. Gross developed his own pde solver to integrate the semi-conductor CSH equation directly. David Scherer, a second year graduate student, studied the stability of DFB lasers to perturbations introduced during the process of fabrication. Mr. Scherer used the interactive device simulator, developed under the main contract, to map out stability regimes of DFB lasers with cleaved-cleaved, AR-cleaved, and HRAR facets. The work carried out under this project enabled the development of a fully interactive pde simulator that runs on a fast PC.

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  • Lasers and Masers
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