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Phage Fab Display Selection In Vitro and In Vivo: Novel Means to Identify New Breast Cancer Avid Compounds

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Annual summary rept. 15 MAr 2000-14 Mar 2001

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Breast cancer is the number one cause of death amongst cancer in women. New methods for early detection diagnosis and treatment of cancer are always sought. In this annual report we present preliminary results on the isolation of antibody fragments Fabs, isolated from phage display libraries, when affinity selected against breast cancer cell lines. Four rounds of affinity selection against a number of breast cancer cells lines and normal breast epithelial cells have been achieved. Monoclonal purified phage-Fab particles are being assessed for binding characteristics to the cells and isolated cellular materials. We also report on the initial stages of in vivo affinity selection where we will attempt to isolate Fabs that bind tumor material in tumor-bearing mice. So far we have concentrated on the procedures in normal mice. Tumor bearing mice are being generated and affinity selection against these will be carried out forthwith. Fab isolated will be assessed for binding characteristics and may be further mutated or engineering to incorporate radiometal atom binding sites for detection and imaging of primary tumors and metastases both in vitro and in vivo settings.

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