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The U.S. Army Research Laboratory's Acoustic & Seismic Database and User Interface Software

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The U.S. Army Research Laboratorys ARL acoustic and seismic data consist of various time-series signatures of battlefield ground and air targets. These signatures were collected from a number of sensor arrays placed within detection range of the targets travel path. The growth of the collected acoustic and seismic data in the past few years has resulted in an inevitable need for a database. As the first phase of ARLs Automatic Target Recognition ATR Lab effort a multiuser clientserver acoustic and seismic database and an innovative user interface software are being developed. Although not completed the database and user-interface software are mature enough to be used by ARL researchers on a daily basis. As a parallel effort to the populating of the database ARL has begun the second phase of the ATR Lab which is to integrate various signal-processing algorithms to the database software. At present most of the existing signature data have been transferred from digital tapes onto compact disks. Data from the server can be accessed and downloaded to client PCs over the local area network via the custom-written user interface software. This front-end software features data entry and query capabilities a suite of graphic and data analysis tools to provide quick data viewing extracting and downloading and the capability to seamlessly evaluate algorithms against selected data segments. The ATR Lab enables users to quickly load target signatures for evaluating the performance characteristics of target detection tracking and identification algorithms.

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  • Seismology
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