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Micropatch Antenna Phase Shifting

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Final rept. 1 Sep 1996-31 Aug 1999

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The Micropatch antenna is a ubiquitous entity which is more and more being used in arrays to form beams for communication from one point to another. To accomplish this one needs to be able to make the patch as flexible as possible. And at the same time be able to reliably form the beam of the antenna array. We have been looking at the ability of embedded element to adjust the phase shift seen by the element wit the goal of being able to remove the phase shifting devices from the antenna and replace it with a phase shifting antenna element. This would reduce the number of components, and connections associated with the array, and hopefully reduce loss associated with these extra devices. As part of this research we have discovered that the addition of controlling elements into the microstrip patch has been able to shift the phase of the field in the far field to some extent. We have also discovered that there is not a consistent phase pattern in the far field from the element with respect to the azimuthal direction. This discovery was unsetteling as this could be due to a movement of the phase center during the phase adjustment. To investigate this effect we set out in this final phase of this research activity to determine by modeling if there might be a change in phase center position with the change in bias of the controlling device that was embedded in the micro strip patch.

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  • Radiofrequency Wave Propagation
  • Radio Communications

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