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Multi-Sensor Data Fusion Project

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Final rept. 26 Jul 1996-28 Feb 2000

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The Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty CTBT calls for the establishment of networks of seismic, hydroacoustic, infrasonic, and radionuclide sensors to monitor the earth for unannounced underground, underwater, and atmospheric nuclear tests. Seismic processing at the prototype International Data Center pIDC has been operating continuously since the GSETT-3 experiment that started in late 1994. Seismic is the most mature of the four monitoring technologies in automatic processing and interactive analysis. The other three technologies are in an earlier stage of development and evaluation. Since late 1996, efforts have been made under the Multi-Sensor Data Fusion project funded by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency DTRA to integrate hydroacoustic and infrasonic monitoring technologies into the existing pIDC automatic processing and interactive review framework. Signal processing of hydroacoustic and infrasonic waveform data was integrated into the pIDC monitoring system, and network processing was enhanced to include two hydroacoustic phase types, H-phase in-water generated and T-phase underground generated and one additional infrasound phase, I. A joint bulletin including the three waveform technologies is produced at the pIDC on a continuous basis. The bulletin includes arrivals from natural and man-made events recorded by all three sensor types. Enhancements have been made to the travel-time handling system to take into account temporal variations which may be significant for both acoustic technologies. When no specific travel time tables are available for a station, a default constant velocity model is used which makes the software ready for network expansion in the three waveform technologies. Case studies, network simulations and results from the pIDC operational system were used to normalize and evaluate the capability of data fusion in the pIDC monitoring system.

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  • Acoustic Detection and Detectors
  • Seismic Detection and Detectors
  • Explosions

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