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National Register Testing of 19 Prehistoric Archeological Sites on Fort Hood, Texas: The 1995 Season

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Archeological testing of 19 prehistoric sites on Fort Hood was conducted by Prewitt and Associates, Inc., to evaluate each sites eligibility for listing in the NRHP. Forty-one backhoe trenches and 75 units 1x1 m were excavated from June through September 1995. The tested areas consist of 15 rockshelters, 6 open sites along the Leon River, and 4 other open sites. Based on the data obtained during the testing, it is recommended that 11 of the 19 sites 4 rockshelter sites, 4 Leon River sites, and 3 other open sites be considered eligible for listing in the NRHP. Within the 19 tested sites, 35 analysis units were defined. Almost all of the occupational episodes represented by the 35 units occurred during the Late Archaic and Late Prehistoric both Austin and Toyah phases periods. All but one of the tested rockshelters were occupied primarily during the Late Archaic andor Late Prehistoric periods. Evidence of recent disturbance by vandalism was observed in most of the tested shelters, and some shelters have had their deposits severely disturbed or totally destroyed e.g., Shelter A at 41BL69. Evidence of intensive terminal Archaic and Austin phase into Toyah phase activities was found at four Leon River sites 41CV1478, 41CV1479, 41CV1480, and 41CV1482. Single or stratified occupation zones at these sites are buried within the Leon River paleosol. Investigations at other open campsites provide evidence of moderate to intensive occupations along Cowhouse Creek 41CV1549 and at the head of low-order tributaries 41BL155 and 41CV722. Intensive occupations at a site adjacent to a major lithic source area 41BL155 include a buried, intact burned rock midden with an internal hearth or earth oven and abundant lithic tools and debris.

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