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Advanced Research Projects Agency Source-Selection of Hydrothermal Oxidation of Navy Shipboard Excess Hazardous Materiel

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The Navy has been involved with the disposal of shipboard-generated hazardous waste for several years and has been considering the hydrothermal oxidation disposition method. The Navy is also concerned about the treatment of gray and black water, due to increasingly strict disposal regulations. The Office of Naval Research, with other Navy organizations, provided its requirements for hazardous waste disposal to ARPA. Goals for the BAA were generally very demanding regarding size, weight, and throughput of waste to be processed. Total dimensions of the module containing the unit, including the reactor, all pumps, tankage, and controls, were to be less than 8 feet by 9 feet by 10 feet, approximately half the size of a standard shipping container. Weight was limited to a goal of 8,000 pounds to ensure transportability to and from the deck of a ship by helicopter or crane. The entire unit was to be self-contained with only electrical and plumbing connections to the ship. Input to the reactor was defined as shipboard-generated hazardous materials however, potential bidders were also to consider gray and black water processing. Operators would deliver the waste to the reactor in 55-gallon steel drums. Water and solid output from the hydrothermal oxidation reactor was to depart in a straightforward manner that required little management and no specially trained personnel. Processing volume of the system was set at 1,000 pounds per day and operation was limited to a maximum of 10 hours per day. The BAA required sufficient automation of system controls to ensure a capability of operation by shipboard personnel with little training and workload.

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