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Integration of the Aircraft Carrier Battle Group into the Joint Task Force.

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Since the enactment of the Goldwater-Nichols Department of Defense Reorganization Act of 1986, the Navy has embraced the concept of joint operations. Furthermore, the forward-deployed presence of the aircraft carrier battle group CVBG remains the most visible and potent of naval forces available to the joint force commander. One would expect todays Navy and joint force commanders have perfected the integration of the CVBG into current operations throughout the world. However, analysis of recent deployments by CVBGs to the Persian Gulf shows the difficulty involved with such integration. CVBGs, particularly the aircraft carrier and its air wing, exhibit significant differences that are not understood by the joint staffs leading to complications with melding into operations. Some of these differences are hardware related and unavoidable. Others are learned during training or are part of Navy culture and can be minimized. Specific examples from the NIMITZ and GEORGE WASHINGTON GW Battle Group 1997-98 deployments and the JOHN C. STENNIS and EISENHOWER IKE Battle Group 1998-99 deployments illustrate the differences. The role of leadership is paramount. Each combatant commanders naval component commander should establish detailed written standing orders for the integration of CVBGs into their theaters operations. Additionally, the effort to understand JTF-SWA and other existing joint operations that will or could possibly employ a CVBGs assets should start at least midway through the CVBGs training cycle. A team of officers assigned to each CVBG, whose only function is to study, visit, and become fully acquainted with all aspects of the JTFs mission, methods, policies and procedures during the training cycle will be helpful.

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