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Interoperability Testing Using the Hardware-in-the-Loop Test Tool,

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In the past, missile defense testing was limited to models and simulations, which provided maximum flexibility but often lacked realism, or to live fire testing, which provided realism but proved very expensive. Over the years, the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization BMDO, in concert with its Army and Navy Executive Agents, has developed a test tool that not only bridges the gap between these two methods but has the capability to fully integrate theater missile defense weapons and systems using tactical hardware and software. The Joint National Test Facility JNTF currently houses this test tool, called the Theater Missile Defense System Exerciser TMDSE. This tool is used in Hardware in the Loop HWIL tests to evaluate the interoperability and assess the operational performance of the Theater Missile Defense TMD Family of Systems FoS. It stimulates tactical weapon systems in a controlled testbed environment, enabling them to react as in live theater conflict. TMDSE is the first platform to provide a ballistic missile defense test capability that is fully interactive, geographically distributed, multi-service, and that operates in real time. HWIL tests using the TMDSE have been successfully conducted nationally with such TMD FoS assets as the Armys Phased Array Tracking to Intercept of Target PATRIOT and Theater High Altitude Area Defense THAAD, the Navys AEGIS weapon system, the United States Marine Corps USMC Theater Ballistic Missile Defense TBMD segment, and the Air Forces Aerospace Fusion Center AFC formerly SHIELD, among others. This presentation introduces the BMDOs TMDSE tool and includes actual test data results. In addition, it discusses HWIL tests conducted at the JNTF, the test approach, and the methods employed to achieve 1 interoperability testing of TMD FoS on the national level, 2 risk mitigation for live fire testing, and 3 significant cost savings.

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  • Antimissile Defense Systems

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