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Issues Raised during the Army After Next Spring Wargame,

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The Army After Next AAN project, led by the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command TRADOC, was initiated by the Chief of Staff of the Army CSA in February 1996. The projects goals are to link Army XXI to a long-term vision of the Army extending well into the next century, and to ensure that this vision informs evolving Army research and development requirements. At the request of the TRADOCs Deputy Chief of Staff for Doctrine DCSDOC, RAND Arroyo Center is supporting TRADOC in this effort. As part of the AAN project, TRADOC is conducting a series of high level wargames to explore issues affecting the development of the U.S. Army after about 2010. The 1998 Spring Wargame is the third game in the series. All of these games have been held at the Center for Strategic Leadership at the Army War College. The Arroyo Centers role in the 1998 Spring Wargame is to assist TRADOC by 1 participating with the TRADOC Analysis Center TRAC in the development of the wargame Analysis Plan 2 identifying the issues, derived from the game objectives, that were explored in the game 3 participating with TRAC in the development of the Emerging Impressions Report and 4 assessing game results. This report documents the Arroyo Centers analysis of the data collected during the game, and information gathered from various sources since the completion of the game, including our Initial Impressions Report PM-809-A and TRACs Emerging Impressions Report to TRADOC. This report analyzes major issues and insights arising from the game and offers recommendations to improve the AAN process.

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