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Flexible Coupling For a Liquid Cooled Coaxial Transmission Line

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Ship DC electric drives require large currents ranging from 100 to 200 kA at full power to develop the horsepower necessary to propel the ship. High current transmission lines are therefore required. These lines must be designed within external magnetic field specifications to reduce ship magnetic signature. Flexible couplings must be used with transmission lines to account for environmental factors such as line contractions and expansion, and to withstand the Navy environment which includes shock and vibration. Figure 1 shows how flexible couplers are integrated into the powertrain to minimize the vibration transmission between the motor and generator. Development of a flexible coupling is important to future application of high current transmission lines on ships. Cooled flexible couplings for high power transmission lines that are cost effective, easy to fabricate, install, and maintain are required. The coupling should be designed with readily available components to minimize the cost of production. This reduces the cost impact of implementation, permitting rapid testing and integration. In our Phase I effort, we collected the coupler design requireenents. Upon our discovery that the transmission line geometry had not been chosen and the requirements list was incomplete, we conducted a bus configuration analysis of two candidate geometries, coaxial and interleaved plate systems, so that a flexible coupling concept design could begin. From our analysis, we determined that either configuration meets the qiiirements. We believe that the interleaved plate configuration is less costly to fabricate and can be used without forced cooling. Since some of design requirements and cost information are unknown at this time, we were unable to recommend which transmission line configuration best fits the Navys needs. The selection should be based on a system level trade.

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