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Sources of Measures of Effectiveness (MOEs) for Assessing Human Performance in Aeronautical Systems,

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Air Force AF Major Commands MAJCOMs often have difficulty in understanding how much improved war-fighting capability can be expected from investments in Manpower, Personnel, and Training MPT or Human Performance Research and Development RD. This is because MPT RD findings usually have not related directly to war-fighting Measures of Effectiveness MOEs. To convince MAJCOMs of the utility of their research, MPT RD personnel must demonstrate how combat capability will be increased by these investments. To clarify these relationships, CSERIAC was tasked to identify MOEs and Measures of Performance MOPs which could serve as criteria for human system RD, and to hierarchically organize these MOEs for linkage to a set of improved training effectiveness measures. Overall, the goal is to enable commanders to predict how, for example, specified screening and training technology can contribute to unit effectiveness. In Phase I of the project, CSERIAC searched the literature, brainstormed with readiness research experts, and examined human-system interface criteria for judging mission effectiveness for aeronautical systems. We found that the literature contains no comprehensive listing of human-related aircraft MOEs therefore we compiled a listing from the literature. In Phase II using the MOE hierarchy, CSERIAC will interview AF decision-makers with wartime missions and responsibilities to capture their criteria for judging unit readiness and effectiveness for comparison with the compiled MOE hierarchy. Measures prioritized as most important will then be linked to MPT effectiveness metrics. With these linkages, the value of advanced training and screening technology can be more clearly demonstrated. This paper will provide Phase I results and highlight plans for the remaining project.

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