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Support to the Smart Munitions Test Suite white Sands Missile Range

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Schafer Corporation is providing support to the White Sands Missile Range WSMR National Range Development Directorate. This activity is directly in support of the Smart Munitions Test Suite SMTS which is a unique asset developed by WSMR to enhance the Test and Evaluation Communitys ability to evaluate weapons systems by combining test with modeling and simulation. Reduced test budgets have lead to fewer field tests resulting in both a greater reliance in simulation to fill in the test matrix and enhancing the value of those tests performed. With fewer tests being performed each test must have its success maximized and this too enhances the value of simulation especially for mission rehearsal. SMTS performs all of the necessary functions to maximize the weapons system evaluation process. Developed at WSMR the SMTS is designed to meet the specific challenges of todays test environment. Using a modular command and control architecture, the SMTS, which is completely mobile, can be rapidly configured to support a broad range of missions. Specialized SMTS capabilities include a powerful, transportable modeling and simulation capability that emphasizes pre-mission planning and rehearsal. The heart of SMTS is real-time acquisition and tracking capability based on an optimal real-time fusion of radar, optics, Global Positioning System GPS, and other sensors all of which can handle up to 80 objects simultaneously. Finally, the SMTS provides a self-contained ability to reduce trajectory data, including automated film data reduction, on the test site itself. All of these features, along with the ability to support expert system man-in-the-loop fly-bys with heads-up display, ensure a very diverse set of applications. The SMTS consists of the following subsystems Master Control Van Data Acquisition and Analysis Van Enhanced Multiple Object Tracking Radar Smart Munitions Trac

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