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Fluid Dynamics Problems of Vehicles Operating Near or in the Air-Sea Interface (Problemes de Dynamique des Fluides des Vehicules Evoluant dans ou pres de L'interface Air-Mer).

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RTO meeting proceedings.

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This Symposium concentrated on issues associated with vehicles operating near the sea surface, issues common to aeronautics and hydrodynamics, issues involving air-sea interactions and on providing the opportunity of bringing together scientists and engineers from Western Europe, North America, Australia, Russia, and Ukraine. One-third of the papers were authored by scientists from Russia and Ukraine. The two major topics covered during the Symposium included Aerodynamics around Ships, and Non-Classical Aircraft flying near the air-sea interface i.e. Ekranoplanes. In addition, there were papers on Surface Effect Ships, Ship Stabilization, Hydrofoil Boats, Underwater Missile Launch, and Ship Bow Waves and Water Entry. Aerodynamics around ships is militarily important because ship superstructures create highly unsteady 3-D flows with massive regions of flow separation behind them, and this situation can create severe problems for the landing of helicopters on the deck. It was very apparent from the presented papers that current means of calculating these flows are developing, but they are currently very limited. Many research opportunities exist involving unstable and separated flows and their simulation. Several papers covered ground effect aerodynamics, specifically Russian technology in this area, as evidenced by the development of Ekranoplanes. By utilizing ground effect, the gap between slow and inexpensive ships and fast but expensive aircraft can possibly be filled. However, economic studies, which include sea state operability, need to be performed. An innovative means of reducing drag during take-off and thus enabling a reduction in engine power requirements was presented. There were proposals to use Ekranoplanes in a grand airsea rescue system, and also a proposal for a future Symposium on Marine Vehicles for Rapid Disaster Response.

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  • Marine Engineering
  • Fluid Mechanics

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