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User's Manual for LOCKSIM: Hydraulic Simulation of Navigation Lock Filling and Emptying Systems.

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LOCKSIM LOCK SIMulator is a numerical model for simulation of one-dimensional transient filling and emptying flow in navigation locks. Part I of this users manual describes the application of LOCKSIM to navigation locks and provides two detailed example applications. Part II provides detailed descriptions for operating LOCKSIM, interpreting its output, and specifying its input. LOCKSIM was designed as a general-purpose simulator, applicable to nearly any type of filling and emptying system. In LOCKSIM, a filling and emptying system is represented by a network consisting of closed conduit and open channel components arranged in any desired combination. The geometry, hydraulic characteristics, and boundary conditions of the network are described in an ASCII input file, which is read by LOCKSIM at the start of each simulation. LOCKSIM is operated interactively, allowing the user to examine results, change parameters, and decide whether to quit or continue at any point during a simulation. LOCKSIMs primary output is custom-specified by the user and easily imported into spreadsheet software for further analysis and plotting. Distinguishing technical features of LOCKSIM include prediction of longitudinal hawser forces in a lock chamber, prediction of cavitation index, and minimum pressure downstream from reverse tainter valves, rigorous treatment of dividing and combining flows through tees and manifolds, and capability of including upstream and downstream approach channels in models of filling and emptying systems.

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