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Air-to-Air Missile T&E Using Live Aircraft Linked to a Missile HWIL Simulation

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The Live Fly Phase LFP of the Systems Integration Test SIT was executed by the Joint Advanced Distributed Simulation JADS Joint Test Force JTF and the 46th Test Wing at Eglin AFB, FL during 1997. The purpose of the SIT was to evaluate the utility of using advanced distributed simulations ADS to support cost-effective testing of an integrated missile weaponlaunch aircraft system in an operationally realistic scenario. The SIT missions simulated a single shooter aircraft launching an air-to-air missile against a single target aircraft. In the LFP, the shooter and target were represented by live aircraft and the missile by a simulator. ADS techniques were used to link two live F-16 fighter aircraft flying over the Eglin Gulf Test Range to the Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile AMRAAM AIM-120 hardware-in-the-loop HWIL simulation facility at Eglin. This configuration had both DT and OT characteristics. There was a DT flavor because an HWIL facility was used to simulate the missile. This allowed the detailed performance of missile subsystems to be monitored, typical of a DT test. The OT characteristics of the LFP resulted from the use of aircraft performing operationally realistic engagements. Two baseline scenarios were selected from the AMRAAM FOTE2 live fire test series and modified for replication in the LFP trials. There were four major test objectives of the LFP 1 Assess the validity of AMRAAM data generated in the LFP ADS configuration. 2 Assess the ability of the LFP ADS configuration to perform AMRAAM testing. 3 Assess the ability to link live aircraft to a missile HWIL simulation. 4 Evaluate the ability of the LFP ADS configuration to support distributed missile testing. This paper describes the LFP testing that was conducted during 1997, presents the results from evaluating the test objectives, and summarizes the utility of the LFP ADS configuration for air-to-air missile TE.

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  • Computer Programming and Software
  • Air- and Space-Launched Guided Missiles

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