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Investigation of a New Class of Low-Profile Multi-Layer Printed Antennas

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Annual progress rept. 15 Oct 97-30 Sep 98

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This progress report outlines our research efforts on modeling, analyses and optimization of a novel class of multi-layered printed antennas for high gain applications. The proposed antennas, which are based on a multi-layer printed circuit version of the conventional Yagi array, are very attractive for applications that require high gain antennas in a compact low profile package. Presence of the dielectric layers not only hinders the need for structural support of the antenna but also provides a few more degrees of freedom for gain optimization. In addition, these antennas can be made conformal to various shapes and surfaces. Our research during this interim period has resulted in three contributions 1 We have developed a numerical code for efficient electromagnetic modeling of these Yagi like structures. A novel feature of this code is a new semi-analytical technique that speeds up the evaluation of the corresponding Greens functions by a factor of 10 or higher. 2 The feasibility of obtaining high gain from the proposed Yagi like arrays is investigated by performing a detailed parametric study for structures with up to 5 dielectric layers. 3 We have developed an electromagnetic optimization engine based on Evolutionary Programming. This code is applied to optimal design of the printed Yagi like arrays. Optimization is performed with respect to lengths of driver and director elements as well as dielectric constants and thickness of layers under different constraints criteria. It is shown that a globally optimized three layer structures can achieve a gain of 13 dBi or higher without the need for high permittivity dielectric layers.

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