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1998 Department of the Navy Posture Statement. Forward From the Sea: Anytime, Anywhere

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This posture statement reflects the continuing process of transformation initiated by the Department of the Navy in 1992 with publication of ...From the Sea - a bold step taken to ensure the Navy-Marine Corps Team remained at the forefront of Americas defenses in a rapidly changing world. Since then, ...From the Sea has been refined and expanded upon with publication of Forward...From the Sea 1994, Operational Maneuver...From the Sea 1996, and The Navy Operational Concept 1997. Our transformation process continues today, exploiting technologies from the Revolutions in Military and Business Affairs to give our forces the power and efficiency to dominate the bafflefields of tomorrow. By doing so, we are well on the way to achieving our vision of highly effective, forward-deployed naval forces capable of shaping the peace, responding to the full spectrum of crises, and preparing for future threats. It is a process of innovation and growth which leverages the unmatched power, timeliness, and operational independence of aircraft carrier battle groups and amphibious ready groups which serve as the foundation of our Nations forward defense. The future holds great challenges for the Navy and Marine Corps, both operationally and organizationally, as we strive to protect our Nations strategic investment in the worlds finest naval force. We must ensure that adequate resources, training, and quality of life initiatives maintain the readiness of our Sailors, Marines and civilians, and allow them to continue their heritage of Honor, Courage and Commitment. This posture statement illustrates the framework adopted by the Department of the Navy to achieve our vision of 21st century excellence, strengthening the unrivaled Navy-Marine Corps Team so vital to Americas present - and future - security.

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