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Modular Electro-Thermal Chemical Gun Power System: A Conceptual Design for Naval Platforms.

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This report examines the development of a modular pulsed power system for installation aboard a variety of naval ships. The predominately self-contained modules are sized to power either 60 mm or 5 inch Electro-Thermal Chemical gun formats in their respective mission profiles. The design is based on shipboard requirements. and therefore represents near term goals rather than off the shelf technology. Discussion is provided concerning the relationship between an off-the-shelf design and the concept presented herein. The power system is designed to be built ashore in two units. The prime power unit contains a gas turbine, gearbox, flywheel. generator. and rectifier components. The PEN unit contains the Pulse Forming Network sized for the specific gun being driven. The gun and associated fire control radar are considered external components and will not be part of the power system. The prime power unit is roughly the size of a standard tractor trailer 35 ft x 8 ft x 8 ft and ma be attached to a shi in a variet of manners. The PEN unit is roughly half the size of the prime power unit. In order to minimize its weight and volume, the power system derives fuel JP-5, electricity N250KW 60 Hz AC, high pressure air 100 psi, and cooling 70 gpm freshwater 950F from the host ship, additional modules could also be installed aboard ships unable to supply these auxilaries. Design issues associated with the power module, and some typical modulehost interfaces are discussed. A sample module concept is presented for an aircraft carrier to bring these issues and interfaces into perspective. The power system modules are used in this case to drive two 60 mm ETC CIWSs. This configuration results in a 4 MW gas turbine driving a 10 MW limited duty cycle generator and an advanced composite flywheel. The resulting power system arrangement appears feasible for a variety of sh

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