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Final Report on Comparison of Drogued and Undrogued Drift Buoys.

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This is the final report on a three year program to retrieve Lagrangian velocity estimates from observations of Naval ANWSQ-6 drift buoys for the benefit of naval operations. Ocean Prospects has fulfilled the tasks specified in the contract, quality controlling wind and buoy data, making comparisons of drogued and undrogued buoy observations, and developing both I-D and 2-D linear regression models of buoy drift. Ocean Prospects archived and quality controlled 1,844,144 drogued WOCE buoy observations, 848A16 undrogued WOCE buoy observations, and 196,885 Naval ANJWSQ-6 buoy observations at synoptic time intervals, as well as synoptic fields of FNMOC and ECMWF winds. Meridional and zonal surface wind velocity components from the global synoptic FNMOC model and the global synoptic ECMWF model were interpolated to each Naval ANJWSQ-6 and WOCEFFOGA buoy position and datetime in the datasets. Seven 1-D linear regression models were evaluated for both the Navy vs. WOCE drogue-on dataset and the WOCE drogue-off vs. WOCE drogue-on dataset. Principal results from this analysis were the constant term in the regression analysis was zero both the regression coefficients and variance explained were the same within error for regressions using Navy buoy velocity or undrogued WOCE buoy velocity as dependent or predictor variables, i.e. the Navy buoys behaved like undrogued WOCE buoys the regression coefficients and variance explained were the same within errors for either FNMOC or ECMWF winds and for the purposes of this study, either FNMOC or BCMWF winds were sufficient.

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