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Adaptive Phased Array Radar Signal Processing Using Photorefractive Crystals

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Final technical rept. Jan 92-Jan 96

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This report covers the development, test and evaluation of an adaptive phased array optical processor. This system is designed to optimally process the wide band signals from large phased array antennas in real time, achieving a computational throughput approaching 1015 multiplies per second, demonstrating the potential of optical-based architectures to surpass performance achievable with conventional technology. The processor uses a three-dimensional volume hologram to create and store adaptive weights to simultaneously perform beam steering and jammer-nulling functions. The adaptive processor consists of two sub-sections, the main beam steering processor and the jammer-nulling processor. The nature of the architecture is that the number of processor components used is independent of the number of elements in the phased array. The report contains extensive treatment of models and analytical expressions developed to relate system parameters and to predict expected system behavior and performance of the experimental signal processors. A variety of jammer scenarios are described and analyzed. Experimental results obtained in a working hardware configuration of the processor are shown to verify the theoretical models. The models guided the development and evolution of the experimental optical hardware system with increasingly improved performance. By improving component stability, electronic gain, and feedback loop isolation, 45 dB jammer cancellation was demonstrated in the experimental system. Also described are results of main beam formation experiments that did not require a priori knowledge of the angle-of-arrival of the desired signal. In addition, results from simultaneous operation of both the nulling processor and the main beam processor are presented. The report contains extensive references and bibliography of the twenty technical papers published in con

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  • Electrooptical and Optoelectronic Devices
  • Active and Passive Radar Detection and Equipment

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