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Imaging Through Fibers, Phase 3

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Final rept. Feb 96-Dec 96

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Direct relay of images over single mode SM fiber has been demonstrated by coherence holographic methods. For the usual two dimensional case, the need is eliminated for prior digitization of input images, and no additional fiber coupling is required. Interestingly, the method functions for 3-D images just as well. Experiments carried out in the previous phase of this work demonstrated holographic image transmission over a pair of single mode fibers for the first time. The implementation utilized an available Acoustooptic AO modulator reference signal relayed over the second SM fiber. This final phase of the project simulates the data rate capabilities of such a system if it were implemented with state of the art AO cell and detector array technology. A computer stores the device parameters and provides the necessary coherent image processing. The study also details the performance improvements that would result from use of high performance Spatial Light Modulator SLM arrays in place of AO cells for encoding of the reference phase. A 1-D SLM generates 2-D images as does the AO, whereas a 2-D SLM array permits 3-D imaging. Data rates and signalnoise are analyzed for a wide range of parameters in both configurations. A rate of 4 GHz with a Bit Error Rate of 10 to the 6th power results from a particular SLM 1-D configuration based on existing device technology. A full system would require a second SLM for real time use. On the other hand the much simpler AO based system would require developmental components to approach even a 1 GHz rate.

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  • Holography

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