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The Aerospace System and the Possibilities of Collaboration in Latin America.

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The South American continent is composed of countries whose valiant people are making an energetic effort to overcome current challenges. These countries are reaching for a future that would move them from a state of hope to one of growing well-being and continued sustainable development. It is not my intent to mislead you into believing that my presentation expresses the common thought prevalent in the countries of the region. Nevertheless, it is my intent to make you aware of how we in Chile visualize the so-called Aerospace System. I believe the systems concept may be similar to each of yours, although with different connotations. These connotations are derived from efforts made by parts of the system that contribute to the countrys development. For a better understanding of the concept, I will first describe the regional picture. I will highlight the benefits and risks demanding a response from the system. Next, I will explain the specific concept and system functions regarding national security, development, and the international presence of the country. I will also include a brief description of the systems elements. After I have explained the system, its functions, and its elements you will be able to better appreciate regional collaboration possibilities through the interaction of its component parts. From a simple analysis, it is clear that important country benefits are derived in multiple areas. Increased employment, increased per capita income, higher salaries, better income distribution, higher production, and explosive increases in air traffic have forced revision and early implementation of all planned and projected upgrades to airport infrastructure, radar equipment, incorporation of new technology, etc.

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