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Information Access of Approach Navigation for Nonlinear Autonomous Systems

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Progress rept. 1, 20 Oct 97-6 Feb 98

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This initial phase of the effort is focused on developing and understanding appropriate definitions, and related tools and methods, applicable to the problem of identifying, classifying, tracking, and acting on visual information, potentially aided by physical information, in highly dynamic environments. We focus on defining elemental aspects of shape, shape evolution, and methods for representing and sampling visual information spaces. Our approach to defining these elemental aspects focuses on identifying computationally efficient methods and to investigating the relationships between elements and objects in the information space. Further we investigate methods that apply a hierarchical segmentation, assignment and processing of information. This process establishes a foundation for the objectification of the underlying properties in the information space that is consistent with the capabilities provided by the methods and tools identified for extraction, enhancement, or verification of the information properties and objects. Ultimately, this should lead to an information alphabet that allows rapid identification objects within the information environment, as well as providing a method to define many layers of properties which may be assigned to an object. As applied to this project, the alphabet and the associated syntax for building objects will be used to define object in an invariant way, thus leading to a reliable way to gather, fuse, and transmit information sources. This formulation of the information environment will also be applicable to other object related activities, such as, compression, noise reduction, and enhancement, and thus, will provide a computationally efficient foundation for various information processing activities in highly dynamic environments, such as those anticipated for UCAV or hypersonic missile systems.

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  • Information Science
  • Navigation and Guidance

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