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A Report on NATO Field Trials on Sampling and Identification of Chemical Agents: A Description of Canadian Preparation, Participation and Recommendations.

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Suffield rept.

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Between 9-lI September 1997, NATO conducted two field trials on the sampling and identification of chemical warfare agents. These field trials were hosted by the Centre dEtudes du Bouchet at Vert le Petit, France. The primary objective of these trials was to assess the validity of the procedures and guidance provided in NATO Allied Engineering Publication 10 AEP-lO in light of the practical experience gained during these field trials. Ten nations participated in the field trials CA, DA, FR, GE, IT, NL, NO, SP, UK and US. The performance of each sampling team was assessed by umpires using criteria developed from the relevant NATO NBC standardization agreements. The NATO report published following the field trials concluded that a all participating nations have fully competent and effective sampling capabilities and b the field trials had generally validated the guidance provided in AEP-lO. This report described Canadas preparation for, participation in and recommendations from the NATO SICA field trials. Canada believes that these field trials were extremely useful not only from a scientific view, but also for raising the profile of SICA within the military. On the military side, it helped to focus our thoughts on how SICA teams might be deployed within the Canadian Forces. While the field trials helped validate the procedures in AEP-lO, at the same time some problems were noted with respect to a the mandate of SICA and b the use of AEP- 10 Handbook as an operational document.

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