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Induction Linacs and Free Electron Laser Amplifiers

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The purpose of this conference, as I understand it, is to bring together the communities involved in fusion research with those involved in directed energy weapons research. Steve Dean pointed out in his opening remarks that there have actually been many connections in the past between activities in fusion research and directed energy weapons. The purpose of the Astron experiment was to generate plasma confinement through magnetic field reversal from a circulating electron ring. Next to the Astron fusion experiment was a buncher ring in which the electron beam from the Astron accelerator went around in a circle and over into a 60-foot propagation tank next door. The purpose of the buncher ring was to make a chopped electron beam to study beam propagation in air. This was a program called Seesaw, funded by DARPA. It started in the late 1950s, and the original purpose of that research program was to look at ballistic missile defense concepts with particle beams. Incidentally, the building that housed this experimental apparatus is currently the site of the large magnetic mirror experiment, MFTF. These investigations of field reversed plasma confinement states for magnetic fusion, the basis for Nick Christofilos Astron concept, and the particle beam weapon research, both involved making new kinds of accelerators for very high beam currents, unprecedented in their day. The idea that was born out of this need was the linear induction accelerator.

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  • Antimissile Defense Systems
  • Directed Energy Weapons
  • Particle Accelerators

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