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Joint Simulation System (JSIMS) Functional Requirements Document (FRD); A User's Perspective on the Future, Version 1.O

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The purpose of this document is to define JSIMS functional requirements in a level of detail that is meaningful to both the JSIMS developmental community and the expected future users of the system. The Functional Requirements Document FRD is a natural outgrowth of initial efforts undertaken by the Joint Warfighting Center JWFC to clarify and expand JSIMS requirements beyond that specified in the February 96 JSIMS Operational Requirements Document. Although the FRD describes the full range of functional requirements that JSIMS should meet at full operational capability, it is a baseline for defining JSIMS requirements, not a final product. Given the long development time for JSIMS and the expectation of inevitable changes to the sources of requirements, it is clear that defining functional requirements will be an iterative process that future users of the system CINCs, Services, and DOD Agencies will have multiple opportunities to influence. The FRD is divided into four sections. Section I provides a general description of the system, its objectives and broad capabilities identifies primary policy constraints ties JSIMS directly to the Joint Training System and Joint Vision 2010 and briefly defines the relationship between JSIMS and other core modeling and planning systems now in use or under development. Section II is the core of the FRD it describes the analytical effort and provides a statement of functional requirements distilled from a variety of sources. Section III identifies a small set of operating requirements that are linked to the input received from future JSIMS users. Section IV amplifies the preceding exposition of requirements through an illustrative example, describing how JSIMS could be used to support a multi-CINC joint exercise. Appendices comprise the last section of the report.

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