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Develop the Revolutionary Spirit of 'Doing It by Oneself' - Communist China -

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Doing it by oneself and if abundant clothing and food are the-mottos proposed by Comrade Mao Tse-tun for the big production movement during the war against the Japanese. These words possess the most profound political and economic significance. They exemplify the revolutionary aspirations and spirit of the proletariat. During the anti-Japanese war, the large-scale production movement of doing it by oneself was launched in 1941 among the Party and political workers, and among the military and the civilians. This permitted the Shensi-Kansu-Ninhsia border and the various liberated areas in the rear of the enemy to reach the goals of overcoming difficulties and abundant clothing and food, consolidated the liberated areas, laid the material foundation for the victory of the anti-Japanese war and the subsequent Chinese peoples revolution, accumulated leadership experience for the subsequent economic construction, and fully displayed the great revolutionary significance of doing it by oneself. Doing it by oneself, means to get on ones two feet by efforts and to exert oneself to become strong. It is a work method and also an expression of revolutionary aspirations. Our revolution and reconstruction should do as much as possible to win foreign aid. We needed this kind of aid in the past, and we need it now and in the future. However, we are a nation of a population of over 600 million. If we want to do a good job of building our country, we can not rely solely on assistance from others, but must rely on ,doing it by oneself. Comrade Mao Tse-tung once pointed out, We are for standing on our own two feet by our efforts.

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