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Estimating the Number of Available High Quality Recruits at a County Level

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Master's thesis

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Whether or not a person is available to be recruited is essentially determined by two factors. First, the person has to be desirable to the military in terms of meeting the entry screens. Desirable, as defined by the military, is a person of high quality. The high quality market is defined as high school graduates scoring above the Both percentile on the Armed Forces Qualification Test AFQT. The second factor is determined by the individuals choice to attend college. A person who attends college is, for all practical purposes, not included in the military enlistment market. The two factors affecting availability are not independent of each other. A person who scores high on the AFQT is more likely to attend college and therefore be exempt from the potential recruitment pool. This simultaneity must be accounted for in determining the probability that a person is not only qualified but also available for recruitment. This thesis takes into account the simultaneity of being high quality and a non-college attendee in a model that uses alternative demographic and economic demographic variables. These variables include parents education, family income, single parent household, race and gender. The general findings are that individuals with very low or very high values of parents education and family income have a lower probability of being in the recruiting pool, whereas those with average values of these characteristics have a higher probability of being in the recruiting pool. This study also finds that minorities were less likely to be in the recruiting pool compared to whites.

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  • Personnel Management and Labor Relations
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