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Methodology and Design of a Multimedia CD-ROM Take Home Package for the National Training Center.

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Master's thesis,

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The National Training Center NTC located at Fort Irwin, California performs the critical Army mission of preparing battalion task forces and brigade staffs for combat. With a state of the art instrumentation system and full time observercontrollers OCs, the NTC provides a unique environment where units conduct tough, realistic training and then review performance through comprehensive after action reviews AARs. At the conclusion of a rotation, the OCs and their staffs coalesce information from the rotation into a Take Home Package THP. Unfortunately, the events from the rotation and lessons learned from AARs and the OCs are not effectively incorporated into the THP. Currently, Take Home Packages are without a standardized format and consist of approximately 300 pages of typed comments with numerous video cassette after action review tapes and supporting graphics. The primary emphasis of this research is to develop a user friendly multimedia CD-ROM THP that provides a clear overview of a units rotation, provides useful observations and supporting data which focus on causes and effects of unit performance, and suggests methods to improve performance through training at home station. The THP will be easy to produce and presents the objective and subjective data from the newly designed relational data base in a logical and easily understood manner. Additionally, the new THP will support methods for simple data manipulation for the purpose of conducting post-rotation analysis and trend identification.

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  • Humanities and History
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